We are looking for contributors!

Make a guest post or become a recurrent writer

Hello reader!

As a majority of our current writer’s Capstone projects are being submitted, we are opening the floodgates for those interested in joining our team!

We are happily accepting those interested in guest posting, as well as recurring contributors — whichever suits you.

No prior blogging experience is necessary.
Note: there is a strong priority for those who are graduates or current students in the Ryerson Predictive Analytics Program

We are looking for writers who aim to produce types of articles that correspond to one of our 3 pillars:

  • Learning – projects and techniques
  • Perspective – sharing career-oriented advice and business matters
  • Innovation – neat tools or features

Most blog posts with any programming will fall in one of these topics. I wouldn’t overthink it too much.

Here’s what YOU get out of being a contributor:

Participation in the Analytics Community

The data science community respects a self-taught programmer. It proves you have a motivation to learn. Showing you have a learning initiative beyond the classroom is an asset employers will be happy to see. By blogging for DataCritics, you will create deadlines for yourself to practice old or learn new types of data analytics. It can be as complicated or as simple as you’d like.

Resume Builder

Certified in Python, R, Machine Learning. Contributor at DataCritics.”

These courses typically reward certificates of accomplishment or some sort of profile of your project that can be attached to a resume or LinkedIn account. You will be contributing to a larger project along with peers in your field to help others find useful data science advice.

Becoming an Influencer

As an analytics student, you need to make the leap from student to professional. Re-branding yourself as a contributor and self-learner clears that inexperience threshold. Promoting your current projects, critiquing the market, and recommending courses for those who seek knowledge is the work of an influencer and people will want to read what you say. We give you the platform to build an audience with.

If this opportunity interests you, send me an email with an outline of a potential post to : jake@datacritics.com

Deadline is Friday, August 17th, 2018

Feel free to promote this among your peers!


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